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Excel Master Series - Description of All 4 eManuals - MBA-Level Topics Include histograms, combinations, permutations, correlation, covariance, normal distribution, t distribution, binomial, confidence interval, confidence intervals, hypothesis test, hypothesis tests, hypothesis test of mean, hypothesis test of proportionexcel graph, excel chart, poisson distribution, weibull distribution, chi-square distribution, hypergeometric distribution, beta distribution, gamma distribution, f distribution, multinomial distribution, probability density function, PDF, Cumulative Distribution Function, CDF 


Here are a Just a Few Samples From the Excel Master Series:

Click Here for Sample 1 Streaming Video Lesson from Chapter 16
See how easily you can create a fully-interactive Excel graph of the Normal Distribution. Watch this streaming video right out of Chapter 15 showing step-by-step, easy-to-follow instruction on how to create a user-interactive Excel graph of the Normal Distribution. This is just 1 of the 23 streaming videos in eManual 4 of the Excel Master Series.
Click Here for Sample 2 Solving Normal Distribution Problems in Excel     From Chapter 4
Check out how simple it is to solve MBA-level Normal Distribution problems in Excel. You will immediately be able to do this after downloading this short section of chapter 4 of the Excel Master Series.
Click Here for Sample 3 ANOVA in Excel - All of Chapter 12
Quickly learn how to perform Independence Tests using ANOVA in Excel. This chapter shows you in step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions how to set up Independence Tests with ANOVA, how to run them in Excel, and how to interpret the output. This is a valuable statistical skill that you will be able to apply at your workplace as soon as you have viewed this chapter.