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That's 400+ Pages of Easy, Step-By-Step Statistics in Excel.






Watch a video that will show how you can be a fully-functional statistician at your workplace. This video will show you how you can understand and solve MBA-level problems in Excel in the following areas:

Permutations, Correlation, Covariance, the Normal Distribution, the t Distribution, the Binomial Distribution, Histograms, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Tests of Mean, Hypothesis Tests of Proportion, Master Excel's Built-In Hypothesis Testing Tools, Regression, Regression Using Dummy Variables, ANOVA, Independence Tests with ANOVA, Independence Tests with Chi-Square, Variance Tests with Chi-Square, and Create Statistical Charts in Excel of the Following Distributions: Normal Distribution, t Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Weibull Distribution, Chi-Square Distribution, Hypergeometric Distribution, Beta Distribution, Gamma Distribution, f Distribution, Multinomial Distribution - the Probability Density Function - PDF - and the Cumulative Distribution Function - CDF - of Most of These Distributions.