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1) Normality Testing in Excel - (60 Pages)

Thorough, Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Perform a Number of Normality Tests in Excel, Such As the Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test, the Normality Plot, and the Histogram. Lots of Screen Shots For Clarity.

2) Nonparametric Testing in Excel - (77 Pages)

Clear and Simple Instructions On How and When To Perform All of the Most Important Nonparametric Tests In Excel, Such As the Mann-Whitney U Test, the Kruskal-Wallis Test, the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test for Both Large and Small Samples, the Spearman Correlation Coefficient Test, the Sign Test, and the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test for Both Large and Small Samples. Lots of Screen Shots for Clarity.

3) t-Testing in Excel - (59 Pages)

Easy-To-Follow Instructions On How and When To Perform the Most Widely-Used t-Tests in Excel , Such As the Paired Two-Sample t-Test For Mean, One-Tailed t-Test, Two-Tailed t-Tests, Paired t-Tests, Two Sample t-Test Assuming Unequal Variance, two-Sample t-Test Assuming Equal Variance, and Welch's t-Test (Two Sample t-Test Assuming Unequal Sample Sizes and Variance). Hand Calculations of t Values and p Values Are Performed to Verify the Correctness of the Excel t-Test Functions. Lots of Screen Shots for Clarity.

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Using the Excel Statistical Master eManuals
Students In Difficult Statistics Courses

"I purchased the Excel Statistical Master program to serve as an additional point of reference, to compliment my textbooks in my MBA Statistics class. The Excel Statistical Master program served that purpose.

The step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations provided an easy-to-understand platform.

I would encourage both students and professionals needing to perform data analysis to purchase the Excel Statistical Master program.

The Excel Statistical Master program is a fantastic tool for anyone desiring to “make sense” of the data available to them."

James Daniel
MBA Candidate
Executive MBA Program
Mays Business School Texas A&M University

"After years of searching for a simplified statistics book, I found the Excel Statistical Master.

Unlike the indecipherable jargon in the countless books I have wasted money on,
the language in this book is plain and easy to understand.

This is the best $40 I have ever spent.

Mahdi Raghfar
New York, New York

"I'm a medical student in Budapest and the Excel Statistical Master helped me so much with passing my midterms and my semifinal exam. There is no way I would have passed without it.

Even though I went to all of the classes and consultations, it was the Excel Statistical Master that taught me all of the basic concepts for the different tests we used. 

Each test is explained in different steps and how you performed it on Excel. Illustrations and screenshots make it easy to follow, even for those like me that never had used Excel before.

I highly recommend Excel Statistical Master for all medical students. It's worth every dollar. And I have to say that the communication with the seller have been the best! If I had questions about statistics problems, he more than gladly answered them. It's so easy and saved my from hours with reading!

Thanks a lot!"

Annette Myhre
Medical Student
Budapest, Hungary

"I am taking evening courses to get my degree in business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg, Germany. During the day I am a sales manager in a production facility.

For my bachelors thesis, I am performing a comprehensive statistical analysis of repair costs at the facility that I work.

After searching for days on Google for the right framework to solve this problem, I finally found the solution. The Excel Statistical Master has allowed me to find exactly the right distributions and showed me how to create some excellent graphs. The explanations and videos in the manual are excellent, even for a non-native English speaker!

Thanks Mark!"

Frank A. Mathias
Facility Management Major
Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Applied Sciences
Friedberg, Germany

"Mark, Thanks for your invaluable material. I have used it in my current business research methods for my bachelor students. It has enabled me to abandon SPSS for the first time!

I have also given your link to
the last MBA class I had. They told me that your book was of great help to understand my course!"

Professor Emmanuel Fragnière
HEG Geneva and University of Bath

"I really like the Excel Statistical Master. It is incredibly useful. The explanations and videos in the manual are excellent.

It has really made my work with statistics a LOT easier. I'm really glad that I came across the manual.

If you're a student of business statistics, this e-manual is worth WAY more it's priced. I will use your manual as a reference for my MBA course this summer."

Dr. Yan Qin
Nankai-Grossman Center for Health Economics and Medical Insurance
Tianjin, China

"I bought the Excel Statistical Master to help me in my statistics class. I must say, it was unbelievably useful. Not only did I master statistics in Excel, but the e-manual actually did a much better job of explaining statistics than my text book did.

That e-manual made my statistics class much easier to understand, and I am now able to do all of that stuff in Excel, easily ! It is a GREAT book !
If you're a student or business manager wanting to learn statistics, this is easiest, fastest way to do it.

Thank you again for everything."

Tiran Ovsepyan
North Hollywood, CA

"The Excel Statistical Master is being used for my MBA Thesis. I am using it to generate statistical analysis of my quantitative thesis study. It makes statistical calculation more meaningful. As I am working on my MBA thesis, I use it to generate statistics from the survey results that I collect.

It is one tool no one can be without, especially  students. I will also use it when I start my Business in Healthcare Statistics.

Thank you."

Vilma L Johnson, M.Sc., CISA
MBA Candidate
Union Park, Florida

"I teach Business Statistics and conduct Field Work for Many Organizations for more than 20 years,

I can tell You that this Masterpiece is Very Very Very useful and would save you considerable time if you teach, but
If you are a Student...Please Pray for the Author... This is a GIFT from GOD ....

Keep it Up please."

Abdul Basit AL-Mahmood Senior Consultant ExcelTech
Kingdom of Bahrain

"It is terrific that you offer this ebook; you are doing a tremendous service for people and I thank you for that. This is such a useful tool that you are providing.

Statistics can be an intimidating subject and this is the only product out there that cuts through the complexities and gives a clear, easy to understand overview.

If you offer other products in the future, please feel free to put me on your marketing list. It is refreshing to meet good people that are willing to share valuable information.

Best Regards,"

Chris Leal
Irvine, California

Professionals Who Needed To Master Statistics

"We just started building statistical Excel spreadsheets for our direct mail and online marketing campaigns, I purchased Excel Statistical Master to help fill in some of the blanks.

Little did I know, this book has everything I could ever want to know about business statistics.
Easy to follow and written so even a child could understand some of the most complex statistical theories.

Thanks Mark!"

Brandon Congleton Marketing Director
Clearwater, Florida

"The Excel Statistical Master is a real life saver in my forensic accounting practice. Until I found the package I was struggling with some of the "how to" aspects of more. The videos are an extra bonus that really help!

I am very pleased!!!"

Glenn Forrest
Seattle, WA

"Mark, I am quite impressed with the Excel Statistical Master.

As a research practitioner, I’ve used the easy-to-understand document to help work through some pretty daunting data sets.

As a professor of research, I will suggest the eManual as a supplement to my students.

I think the strength of the eManual is the straightforward explanations of complex procedures in a software platform that is readily available. SPSS and SAS should shudder at the competition.

Great job!"

Tait J. Martin, Ph.D.
President and Chief Insight Officer
The iNSiGHT Cooperative
Tallahassee, Florida

"The Excel Statistical Master eManual is a wonderful product for anyone who needs to apply a variety of statistical tools and does not have the time or background to develop those tools themselves.

The Excel Statistical Master is easy to use, comprehensive, and powerful.

Congratulations on an excellent product!"

Cliff Sather
Bennington, New England

"Going through Excel Statistical Master has helped me in filling the gaps which most of the professional ignore while building models from scratch.

There are many books in market available in market but
Excel Statistical Master explains everything in a simple way and how to use Excel to solve real life problems. Every topic in Excel Statistical Master is self explanatory and I would recommend freshmen as well as professionals to go through Excel Statistical Master.

Thanks Mark."

Ashutosh Gupta
Sr. Financial Analyst/Team Lead Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation
Bengaluru, India

"My first encounter with the EXCEL Statistical Master came when writing a report for a customer when the axiom "an un-used tool becomes rusty" presented itself. I knew what analysis and presentation tool I wanted, but using EXCEL became cumbersome and frustrating.

A quick on-line check revealed
the EXCEL Statistical Master which proved to be unequivocal, easy to follow, and complete.

Only after completing the report did I notice the description on the front page "Clear And Simple yet Thorough." Clearly, my experience supported substantiated this claim. Seldom does one encounter such truth in advertising.

Last weekend the manual was very useful in helping my grandson, who just started a statistics class in high school, help understand, envision, and define his semester project as to which data to gather and how to analyze and present that data.

I have recommended the Excel Statistical Master to customers and my contractors."

Pat Goodman
SSL Consulting
Morgan Hill, California

"I am an IT Consultant who gives a Data Analysis for Decision Making workshop to various private and public sector organizations. This workshop consists of many statistical methods.

I often use the Excel Statistical Master in my workshop to demonstrate procedures, give usable examples and frequently, learn new procedures myself.

I find it easy to use, clear and succinct. It should wipe out the fear of statistics from those who have a block against it."

Akram Najjar
IT Consulting
Beirut, Lebanon

"I'm a PhD consultant in the area of "user experience". I help companies make their web sites user friendly. When I conduct a usability test on a web site design, I need to determine if one design is better than another. So I need to conduct a t-test. At other times, I conduct focus groups that help my client determine which of, say, 10 product designs is better than the others. So I need to conduct non-parametric ANOVAs on their rating responses.

All this goes to say, I need to deal with data rapidly, and in a manner that I can send to my client. Does my client have any statistical software? No, they don't have SyStat or MiniTab or SPSS, or any other packaged stats program. However, my clients DO have Excel.

With Excel, they can open my spreadsheet and see the data. While they are looking at the data (and perhaps running their own descriptive statistics like means, etc.) they can also see my statistical analysis I conducted with the Excel Statistical Master. They can see my charts, too.

So, you can imagine the benefit this gives to my client. It's "one-stop shopping". Data, analysis, and charts all appear in one file. I like being able to send one file that works with Microsoft Office. My client has Microsoft Office. Now they have everything they wanted: stats, data, and charts."

John Sorflaten, PhD Certified Usability Analyst (CUA)
Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE)
Sr. Usability Engineer
Columbia, Maryland

Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals for Only $29.95

Normality Testing in Excel (60 Pages) Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals For Only $29.95

Nonparametric Testing in Excel (77 Pages) Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals for Only $29.95

t-Testing in Excel (59 Pages) Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals for Only $29.95

"Why Is the Excel Statistical Master Such a Great Learning Tool?"

►It's LOADED With Completed Problems ALL in Excel.

►All Solved Problems Are REAL-WORLD, BUSINESS Problems.

►Nothing But SIMPLE Explanations.

►More Than Half of the Lessons Are Supplemented With VIDEOS To Help You Understand Quicker

►Lessons Are All in BITE-SIZE Chunks.

►The Statistics Are MBA-LEVEL .




►Every Lesson Is Entirely In Excel.

►You Already Know Excel. NO NEW SOFTWARE NECESSARY . You Don't Need SPSS, SAS, Systat, or Minitab.


Special Added Bonus... 

Get the 116-Page Excel Statistical Distribution Graphing eManual

 Absolutely FREE!

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Step-By-Step, Instructions On How To Create User-Interactive Graphs In Excel of All the Major Distributions, Such As:

►Normal, Chi-Square, Weibull, Poisson, Multinomial, Gamma, Beta, and t Distributions

►Lots of Solved Problems Included With Each Distribution. All Problems Are Solved In Excel With Easy-To-Follow Instructions.

►Very Easy To Follow.

Click Here To Buy All 3 Manuals For Only $29.95

Normality Testing in Excel (60 Pages) Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals For Only $29.95
Nonparametric Testing in Excel (77 Pages) Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals for Only $29.95
  t-Testing in Excel (59 Pages) Click Here To Download All 3 Manuals for Only $29.95