Read What Students and Professionals Just Like You Are Saying About Advanced Regression in Excel:

"Great, easy-to-follow book on understanding and performing advanced regression techniques in Excel. The explanations, especially for logistic regression and dummy variable regression, are perhaps the clearest I've ever seen.

The book is an easy read because of the many screen shots on almost every page. I found the videos to be quite helpful. The book does a great job by itself without the videos but the videos add another helpful view of the same material. They were quite well done, especially the video about how to quickly read the output of regression.

The brevity of the book is exactly what makes this book special. The reader can be up and running with all of the different regression techniques quickly. The statistics behind the techniques are explained and very easy to follow. There's no wasted space in this book. It is really ideal for a person who wants understand and perform these techniques in Excel quickly. 

I teach MBA students at the Stern School of New York University and I highly recommend this book to students.

Well done! "

Dr. Yan Qin

Adjunct Assistant Professor of New York University

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Keller Graduate School of Management

Co-director, Nankai-Grossman Research Center
New York, New York

"Mark Harmon is a master at clearly and briefly explaining advanced regression techniques and demonstrating their efficient application using Excel.

He has the ability to present the statistical framework in a user friendly manner so that the reader comes away with a succinct and clear understanding of the statistical application. He explains the results including evaluation statistics such as p values and demonstrates their implications in evaluating the results.

I believe his Advanced Regression in Excel - The Excel Statistical Master will be a great help to graduate students and business people."

John G. Robinson Sr.
Retired Research Analyst
Silver Spring, Maryland

I've had very good luck with this author's other books, both for my own use and as products I recommend to other readers.

His Advanced Regression book strikes a great balance by covering everything that's relevant to regression but without going into the math that's done behind the scenes in Excel.

Curtis D. Frye
Author of
Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple

"The more I use Mark's book the more I like it. Clear explanations, good examples, explains process and interpretation of results. It is a great reference to have not being a day to day statistician!!

Luis R. Heimpel
El Paso, TX  
Read What Students and Professionals Just Like You Are Saying About Advanced Regression in Excel:

"This is the best reference on the subject, very clear and detailed. The author is one of the most valuable experts in the field and did really a great book publication! I strongly suggest it to all practitioners who use advanced regression analysis.

Actually I think it is the clearest explanation of Logisitic Regression that I've seen. It has the right amount of derivations but wasn't overloaded to be burdensome.

The content of the book explained clear and easy-to-follow the screen shots. Helpful the explanatory videos were at the end of each chapter. That makes this book unique and helpful for all levels. This is the source I go to for a clear explanation of the topic with excellent examples."

Alexander Korzenshtein
Financial Advisory Manager
Deloitte & Touche
Alberta, Canada

"Mark HARMON does an effective job of explaining advanced concepts in terms that are truly easy to grasp. Rather than a huge textbook,

Advanced Regression in Excel is brief enough that you can learn what you need to know fast, then go right to applying your new insight. With Mark HARMON as your instructor, I think most people will be able to gain a working understanding of regression analysis.

If you are more of a visual learner, you will find his approach to teaching statistics is especially effective."

Rodney Powell
Excel VBA Developer
Houston, Texas

"I am a recent MBA grad from a top university in the US. In my opinion, this is a great book for people who use statistics on a day-to-day basis.

While reviewing the book, I tried to see what kind of audience the book will help the book the most and came up with 2 categories.

1. People who know a concept, but don't remember the mechanics of using it.

2. People who don't know a concept and want to learn and use it in real life.

So, I picked up 2 topics each of which fell into one of the above categories.

For the first category, I picked up conjoint analysis which I had learned in the school. Walking through the step by step guide made it easy to understand the mechanics of the analysis. Explanation was detailed and well supported. The guide made it easy to remember the mechanics of doing it in Excel.

For the 2nd category, I chose Logistic regression about which we hadn't learned anything in the B school. Then, I walked through the guide.

While I understood the mechanics of doing Logistic regression, I was confused as to how the formula was derived and why Logistic regression is better than simple linear regression. So, I spent some time surfing on the web learning about Logistic regression and understood the concept in detail. Then, walking through the guide made sense. I understood the mechanics of regression easily.

Thus, to summarize my review, I can say that the book is perfect for people who know a little bit about the concepts before using this guide. This book can also come handy as a complimentary guide along with your statistical textbook.

Amit Dingare
New York, New York

" I find this manual to be straight forward and informative. I would say it is more focused than other manuals I've seen that tend to give you too much information, which can distract you. This book tends to be more 'hands on'. The videos and snapshots are good compliment to the text and make the material easy to follow."


How To Master Advanced Regression
How To Do It All In Excel

Advanced Regression in Excel 

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Detailed Description of

Advanced Regression in Excel

  • 50 pages of complete step-by-step instructions and videos showing exactly how to perform a variety of Advanced Regression techniques and how to do them all in Excel.
  • Some of these Advanced Regression techniques include Nonlinear Regression, Logistic Regression, and Dummy-Variable Regression.
  • Detailed instructions on how to quickly read and fully understand all of the output of Excel Regression.
  • This e-manual is loaded with completed examples, screenshots, and videos of the Advanced Regression techniques all being performed in Excel.
  • The instructions, screenshots, and videos are clear and easy-to-follow but at the graduate level.
If you are currently taking a difficult graduate-level statistics course that covers Advanced Regression techniques such as Nonlinear Regression, Logistic Regression, or Dummy-Variable Regression, you will find this e-manual to be an outstanding course supplement that will explain these Advanced Regression techniques much more clearly than your textbook does.

If you are a business manager, you will really appreciate how easily and clearly this e-manual will show you how you can perform these Advanced Regression techniques in Excel to solve difficult statistical problems on your job.

For example, you can use Logistic Regression to accurately calculate the probability that your next customer will make a purchase. That use of Logistic Regression is covered in detail in this e-manual.

A detailed model of Dummy-Variable Regression is provided in the e-manual which shows how to calculate how important each attribute of your product is to your customers.

Not many people have a working knowledge of these advanced and useful regression techniques. You will fully understand them AND be able to implement them in Excel.

This e-manual will make you an Excel Statistical Master of Nonlinear Regression, Logistic Regression, and Dummy-Variable Regression.

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Advanced Regression in Excel
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