Step-By-Step Advanced ANOVA & ANCOVA
How To Do It All In Excel

Step-By-Step Advanced ANOVA and ANCOVA in Excel 

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Step-By-Step Advanced ANOVA & ANCOVA in Excel

  • Complete, detailed, and thorough instructions on how to perform ANOVA and ANCOVA on a graduate level in Excel.
  • All three types of built-in ANOVA analysis (Single Factor, Two Factor Without Replication, and Two Factor With Replication) thoroughly explained and used to solve problems in each type. You’ll know when each type of ANOVA should be used, how to set up the data for input into Excel, how to run each type of ANOVA in Excel, and an easy-to-follow explanation of how to quickly read and understand Excel output for each type of ANOVA.
  • Every step of the problem-solving process is illustrated with detailed screen shots and videos.
  • Step-By-Step demonstration of an ANOVA problem done by hand (without Excel). You’ll see exactly what calculations are performed. The same problem is also later solved using the built-in Excel ANOVA functions.
  • A detailed description and demonstration of how to use ANCOVA to remove interference during an ANOVA test. This chapter walks you through a detailed ANCOVA problem using screen shots on every step. Over 20 screen shots are used to illustrate exactly how to solve ANCOVA problems in Excel. All calculations are shown in an easy-to-understand manner. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to do ANCOVA in Excel.
  • How ANOVA is an integral part of regression output – A detailed regression problem is solved in Excel and the ANOVA portion of the output is thoroughly explained and all ANOVA calculations shown.
  • How ANOVA calculations are an integral part of using the F distribution to determine whether two groups have different variances. A detailed description of how ANOVA tests are used to calculate the F statistic and p value for the pair of tested data sets. You’ll be totally clear about the relationship between ANOVA, the F distribution, and the Chi-Square distribution and how they work together during ANOVA tests.
  • You will have a thorough understanding what ANOVA and ANCOVA are and how to run though all calculations of each in Excel and how to fully understand the Excel output.
If you are currently taking a difficult graduate-level statistics course that covers ANOVA or ANOCOVA, you will find this e-manual to be an outstanding course supplement that will explain these Advanced ANOVA and ANCOVA techniques much more clearly than your textbook does.

If you are a business manager, you will really appreciate how easily and clearly this e-manual will show you how you can perform these Advanced ANOVA and ANCOVA techniques in Excel to solve difficult statistical problems on your job.

For example, you can use ANCOVA to remove any bias that occurs during ANOVA testing. That use of ANCOVA is covered in detail in this e-manual.

Not many people have a working knowledge of these advanced and useful ANOVA and ANCOVA techniques. You will fully understand them AND be able to implement them in Excel.

This e-manual will make you an Excel Statistical Master of ANOVA and ANCOVA.

"There are many books in market available in market but Excel  Statistical Master explains everything in a simple way and how to use Excel to solve real life problems.

Every topic in Excel Statistical Master is self explanatory
and I would recommend freshmen as well as professionals to go through Excel Statistical Master.

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Ashutosh Gupta
Sr. Financial Analyst/Team Lead
Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation
Bengaluru, India

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Advanced Regression in Excel
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